About Angela


Angela Carter is a yoga teacher and holistic nutrition/lifestyle coach focusing on real food and mindful habits to bring you more energy, clarity, and balance. Angela has been a nutrition junkie for as far back as she can remember and always intended on pursuing a career in a health related field. After receiving her B.S. in Health and Human Development she was eager for personal growth and diverse experience; she began moving around the US and exploring a variety of employment opportunities. Finally she found an amazing personal care company with a wellness focus. Her love for people, health, and beauty was bundled into one exciting package. A decade into this team driven work she pursued a holistic nutrition and health coaching certification to enhance her knowledge and grow her business. These studies really opened her eyes to the lack of true knowledge about the food we consume. Even though she thought she was a healthy eater and did a reasonable amount of exercise she constantly suffered from low energy, brain fog, and overall life imbalance; surrounded by friends and colleagues who felt the same. After reassessing and focusing on real, home cooked food she felt a remarkable difference in overall health and knew she had to share this passion. Nrysh was born, a play on the word nourish and a company that focuses on bio-individuality with real food and sustainable life practices. Angela pursued her yoga, meditation, and life coaching certifications to further expand what Nrysh had to offer. Today she makes healthy food, exercise, and mindful habits an easy way of life for you.



About Lori


 Lori has landed in Phoenix through the route of Canadian origins, and a lengthy Los Angeles base. She has flowed her way through an eclectic teacher life of dance instruction/choreography, academic teaching (including working with several school age actors on film productions), Lagree Fitness coaching, and yoga. Lori completed her 200 hour RYT through LifePower and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She believes your yoga practice should be an experience and that it is so much bigger than the poses. Get ready to be lifted up, brought to a sweat, and grow within the community vibe she creates. You will feel all of her passions come through in her classes offered here at Nrysh!