Class Descriptions



All level flow 

Nrysh flow

An invigorating vinyasa flow with a medium pace, set sequencing, and uplifting tunes. A great way to nrysh (nourish) your mind, body, and spirit any time of the day. Move your way to energy, clarity, and balance. 

Yin Plus

A gentle class to stretch deep into  your connective tissues and fascia. Increase your circulation and flexibility while your find clarity in stillness, focus in breathing, and additional fascia release with props and therapeutic techniques.

Double Burn

Endurance and strength training based on conditioning done by elite gymnasts, no flipping, just a hardcore work out. It's based on cardio, legs, and core--get in and out in 30 minutes. Each workout consists of a daily double, double the exercise, double the burn.


Take this one to relax. A combo of yin and/or restorative with breathe work and meditation, it's the perfect end to a long day. 

Wind Down Flow

A slow, gentle flow to find the calm after your day. Ease into your asanas, revel in your body.